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Welcome to bibsearch, the first Catholic Scripture program for Unix-like systems (at least, the first that I know of). While only tested on Linux, bibsearch should run happily on all varieties of Unix, including the BSDs and probably OSX, as well.

bibsearch will allow you to fetch citations from the Bible in popular formats, including ranges of verses or even of chapters; search the entire Bible, individual testaments, various groups of books (such as the Gospels, the Epistles of St. Paul, and the Books of Moses, among others) for terms of your choosing with the full power of regular expressions; to do so in whatever languages are currently supported (currently only Latin [the Clementine Vulgate] and English [the Douay-Rheims] are supported, but adding new languages is trivial); and to save the results of either a fetch or a search to an arbitrarily named buffer. You can then search these buffers, append new query results to those buffers, and save those buffers for use after you've closed that session of bibsearch (by default, buffers are automatically cleaned up [deleted] at the end of the session). You can print the results of the buffers to the screen in-session, as well, and learn the names of currently available buffers if you forget, all with simple commands.

bibsearch is a command-line only utility; however, it runs in either batch or interactive mode. We pray fervently that bibsearch will be suitable for you and your needs, and assist in the study of and knowledge of Scripture among Catholics throughout the world.

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